Washington Crossing Historic Park

Landmark Towns - Washington Crossing Historic Park

Before You Leave, Load Up the Bikes

Cannon in front of McConkeysThe Washington Crossing Park offers “more than 500 acres of American History, natural beauty and family fun.” Start at their Visitor Center to begin your tour of this remarkable site.

(Insiders Tip: purchase tickets for all three sections of the park at once for a discount at the Visitor Center!)

Join a tour of the historic village and learn about Washington’s stay here before he made his famous crossing. In fact, you can see a full-size replica of the famous painting of that crossing in the auditorium. The small museum has changing exhibits that are well worth your time. Check out their busy line up of events throughout the year.

In the village of Washington Crossing, you find two pizza restaurants, Washington Crossing Inn , Dunkin Donuts and the deli and bakery at Colonial Farms. Depending how long your morning tour was, you may want to have a bite before you hit the trail or pick up a picnic lunch for along the way.

After you have toured through park, the visitor center and museum, load up and head to the Washington Crossing Trailhead. On the north side of Route 532, you will see stone walls and a parking area before the bridge over the Delaware Canal. Pull in and park. Time to unload the bikes and head over to the towpath along the canal. Before you leave, take a moment to read the interpretive boards near the entrance that explain the history of the Canal and what life was like along the canal. Now enjoy a leisurely 4.1 mile ride along the trail, northbound.

(Insider Tip: On your right near the end of your ride, you will see a field with a wall set back from trail, closer to the river. Although Gen. Washington did not lose any men in the battle of Trenton, disease and illness took its toll on his troops. These Soldiers’ Graves are a memorial for those fallen soldiers. Stop and pay your respect at this peaceful resting place.)

Ahead you will see a red camelback bridge with a farm house and barn above on your left. Cross the bridge and head up to the farmhouse for your tour of the Thompson-Neely House. When you are done, return to the trail and head back to your car by way of the trail. The entire round trip is 8.2 miles on a flat trail along the canal.

(If you did not bring the bikes, the friendly staff at the Washington Crossing Visitor Center can give you easy driving directions to the Thompson-Neely House. The memorial for the soldierFull Bowman's Hill Towers is a short walk south from the camelback bridge below the farmhouse.)

Load up the bikes. Head out of the park with a turn to your left onto Route 532. At the stop sign, turn left onto River Road past the Washington Crossing Visitor Center. You are now headed to Bowman’s Tower to see the most spectacular view of the Delaware River Valley.
Make a left turn onto Lurgan Road. If you pass Bowman’s Tavern on the right, you have gone too far. Once you turn, the Tower is on your right but you have to drive up Lurgan Road further than you expect until you see the sign to turn onto the driveway to the tower. Climb the hill slowly until you see the parking area and the small building at the base of the tower. There they explain about the tower, sell you a ticket, if you did not purchase the package of tickets, and send you on your way to the top by stairs or elevator. Don’t forget to bring your camera and binoculars.

Now that your family has toured, biked and climbed a tower, it’s time to feed everyone. Because the variety of restaurants within an easy drive is so large with different cuisines, price points and atmosphere, we encourage you to look at the online listings of restaurants for your closest choices. Most places are casual, many have outdoor seating and river or canal views and most have liquor licenses. Bon appetite! After such a busy day with the family, you deserve a relaxing meal.