A Day with the Ladies

Landmark Towns - A Day with the Ladies

Gather Up Your Best Gal Pals

Pick an activity and check out the options available among the towns. Mix and match for your perfect day of fun. A day of pampering could start at a spa. Fortunately, you can pick from a large selection of spas in the Landmark Towns.  Choosing a spa is a very personal decision but you know what you and your friends want in a day of pampering.  Book a morning at the spa of your choice in the Landmark Towns to start your day.

Now look for the nearby restaurants in the town near your spa. Again, you will know if your party prefers culinary creativeness or something more traditional.  Do you want a BYOB or the ability to try a nice wine or creative cocktail? The business websites will let you know what is offered. Plan to spend a relaxing hour or two over lunch to catch up on all the latest news in one another’s lives over delicious food and drink.

After lunch, you can plan a physically active afternoon or a more relaxed one. For an active afternoon, you can get on the towpath of the Delaware Canal section of the D&L Trail  and walk or bike.  The grade is level and smooth so everyone can walk or bike comfortably while chatting. The trail offers beautiful vistas, plenty of wildlife and friendly passerby.

Or you can take your walking to the streets and browse the shops.  The towns offer streets lined with creative shops and galleries filled with handmade and artisan items.P1040301

Bristol has an historic walking tour  that will guide you along Radcliffe Street to learn about the history of the beautiful buildings and who lived in them. Plan to stop at the Margaret G. Grundy Memorial Museum  for a trip back in time to the era of “Downton Abbey” to fantasize what life was like in a more formal time.

In Morrisville, you want to take a walk along the Delaware River wall to see the beautiful Trenton skyline and the wildlife on the Delaware River. At the Calhoun Street Bridge, you can walk down to the Delaware Canal towpath for a stroll along the banks of the Delaware Canal section of the D&L Trail.

Both the Bristol Riverside Theatre and New Hope’s Bucks County Playhouse  both have afternoon matinees and evening performances. The Morrisville Actors Net Theatre  has evening performances and Sunday matinees. You can spend the afternoon or evening enjoying a professional quality show without the New York City drive or prices. Check their websites to see what is playing and to book your tickets.

You get the idea. The Landmark Towns of Bristol, Morrisville, Yardley and New Hope offer a variety of activities in a beautiful setting. You are sure to find the right mix to make a memorable day and, maybe, even an annual trip!